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Joel W. Ager III

Joel W. Ager III is a Staff Scientist in the Materials Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and an Adjunct Full Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department, UC Berkeley. He is a Principal Investigator in the Electronic Materials Program and in the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP) at LBNL and in the Berkeley Educational Alliance for Research in Singapore (BEARS) where he serves as Co-Lead PI of the eCO2EP project with Cambridge University. He graduated from Harvard College in 1982 with an A.B in Chemistry and from the University of Colorado in 1986 with a PhD in Chemical Physics.  After a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Heidelberg, he joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1989. His research interests include the fundamental electronic and transport properties of semiconducting materials, discovery of new photoelectrochemical and electrochemical catalysts for solar to chemical energy conversion, and the development of new types of transparent conductors. Professor Ager is a frequent invited speaker at international conferences and has published over 300 papers in refereed journals.  His work is highly cited, with over 30,000 citations and an h-index of 86 (Google Scholar).  Group website, Google Scholar, ORCID

Recent EMAT publications:

Wei, L.; Xu, X.; Gurudayal, *; Bullock, J.; Ager, J. W. Machine Learning Optimization of P-Type Transparent Conducting Films. Chem. Mater. 2019, acs.chemmater.9b01953. [DOI]

Lien, D.-H.; Uddin, S. Z.; Yeh, M.; Amani, M.; Kim, H.; Ager, J. W.; Yablonovitch, E.; Javey, A. Electrical Suppression of All Nonradiative Recombination Pathways in Monolayer Semiconductors. Science 2019, 364, 468–471. [DOI]

Kim, H.; Ahn, G. H.; Cho, J.; Amani, M.; Mastandrea, J. P.; Groschner, C. K.; Lien, D.; Zhao, Y.; Ager, J. W.; Scott, M. C.; Chrzan, D. C.; Javey, A. Synthetic WSe2 Monolayers with High Photoluminescence Quantum Yield. Sci. Adv. 2019, 5, eaau4728. [DOI]

Lien, D.-H.; Amani, M.; Desai, S. B.; Ahn, G. H.; Han, K.; He, J.-H.; Ager, J. W.; Wu, M. C.; Javey, A. Large-Area and Bright Pulsed Electroluminescence in Monolayer Semiconductors. Nat. Commun. 2018, 9, 1229. [DOI]

Sun, H.; Sirott, E. W.; Mastandrea, J.; Gramling, H. M.; Zhou, Y.; Poschmann, M.; Taylor, H. K.; Ager, J. W.; Chrzan, D. C. Theory of Thin-Film-Mediated Exfoliation of van Der Waals Bonded Layered Materials. Phys. Rev. Mater. 2018, 2, 094004. [DOI]

G. H. Ahn, M. Amani, H. Rasool, D.-H. Lien, J. P. Mastandrea, J. W. Ager III, M. Dubey, D. C. Chrzan, A. M. Minor & A. Javey, Strain-engineered growth of two-dimensional materials, Nature Communications 8, 608 (2017). [DOI]

X. Xu, J. Bullock, L. T. Schelhas, E. Z. Stutz, J. J. Fonseca, M. Hettick, V. L. Pool, K. F. Tai, M. F. Toney, X. Fang, A. Javey, L. H. Wong & J. W. Ager, Chemical Bath Deposition of p-Type Transparent, Highly Conducting (CuS)x:(ZnS)1-x Nanocomposite Thin Films and Fabrication of Si Heterojunction Solar Cells, Nano Letters 16, 1925 (2016). [DOI]

Amani, M., D.-H. Lien, D. Kiriya, J. Xiao, A. Azcatl, J. Noh, S. R. Madhvapathy, R. Addou, S. KC, M. Dubey, K. Cho, R. M. Wallace, S.-C. Lee, J.-H. He, Joel W. Ager, X. Zhang, E. Yablonovitch, and Ali Javey, “Near-Unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yield in MoS2,” Science 350, 1065–1068 (2015). [DOI]

     Recent publications from other LBNL efforts:

    Gurudayal; Beeman, J. W.; Bullock, J.; Wang, H.; Eichhorn, J.; Towle, C.; Javey, A.; Toma, F. M.; Mathews, N.; Ager, J. W. Si Photocathode with Ag-Supported Dendritic Cu Catalyst for CO2 Reduction. Energy Environ. Sci. 2019, 12, 1068–1077. [DOI]

    Lum, Y.; Ager, J. W. Evidence for Product-Specific Active Sites on Oxide-Derived Cu Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction. Nat. Catal. 2019, 2, 86–93. [DOI]

    Lum, Y.; Ager, J. W. Sequential Catalysis Controls Selectivity in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction on Cu. Energy Environ. Sci. 2018, 11, 2935–2944. [DOI]

     Lum, Y.; Cheng, T.; Goddard, W. A.; Ager, J. W. Electrochemical CO Reduction Builds Solvent Water into Oxygenate Products. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 9337–9340. [DOI]

     Ager, J. W.; Lapkin, A. A. Chemical Storage of Renewable Energy. Science 2018, 360, 707–708. [DOI]

    Lum, Y.; Ager, J. W. Stability of Residual Oxides in Oxide-Derived Copper Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Investigated with 18O Labeling. Angew. Chemie Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 551–554. [DOI]

    Gurudayal, J. Bullock, D. Srankó, Towle, C. M., Lum, Y., Hettick, M., Scott, M. C., Javey, A. & Ager, J., Efficient solar-driven electrochemical CO2 reduction to hydrocarbons and oxygenates, Energy Environ. Sci. 10, 2222 (2017). [DOI]